Sunday, August 13, 2017

Father-Son Day: TKO 2017

Ever since Daniel was re-stationed from Bellefonte in Alabama to Watts Bar back in 2014, he has been taking Jack to watch the Tennessee Knockout Enduro (TKO) race in Prentice Cooper. It looks like I only shared about it the first year (probably because I don't tag along), but the two of them go every year and they love it.

Some years it is muddy and wet and they come home soaked and dirty. But they always come home happy.

What could be better than hanging out in the woods watching dirt bikes attempt to climb over sometimes impossible obstacles on a trail? Especially if you love dirt bikes and the woods :)

This year, Daniel and Jack invited another father-son to go watch with them.

We are so thankful to have met some friends that have similar interests to my guys (they went mountain biking together to Edward's Point during the summer).

I know Isaac will also love getting to participate in this outing when his time comes. And his time is coming. We have agreed that next year Daniel will take both boys to enjoy this experience.

I hope our kids will have many fond memories from their childhoods, and I'm pretty sure this yearly adventure with Daniel to watch the TKO Enduro race in the Prentice Cooper woods will be one of them.

For comparison, the above photo is Jack at this same race with Daniel back in 2014.

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