Thursday, August 24, 2017

Start of Kindergarten and our Homeschool Journey, 2017

Jack Jack. My sweet, strong, funny first born is starting his formal education. With our family vacation right at the end of summer, our first day of school snuck up on me.

We actually did a soft start the week after vacation and before school officially started, but to be honest our first official day didn't go as I hoped. Hopefully Jack will forget the awkwardness of a mommy who has no idea what she is doing.

I shared the following on Instagram about our first day of Homeschool Kindergarten:
"We got off to a rough start with our upstairs A/C flooding and leaking through the ceiling in Isaac's room last night which meant a late bedtime for the kids followed by Isaac waking me and Jack at 2:30am. Isaac was awake for two hours so we had a lot of tears (his) and frustration (me). Jack had a really good day, even if we didn't get to everything."

My blog is way behind (we are actually two weeks into school now) but better late than never! I have a ton to share – about our fantastic summer, about life in general, and updates on homeschool. Hopefully I will get my act together and start posting regularly again (for my own benefit as much as anyone elses!).

Morning Time includes the Pledge of Allegiance, Weather, Calendar, Feelings, a Bible verse or story, and a Poem.

Here is a little about Jack at the start of Kindergarten 2017:
My teacher this year is: I forgot. I mean, you.

I am: Five-and-a-half

I am: 45 inches tall and weigh 45 pounds

My best friend's name is: The friend I love the most is Carter. Also Audrey, Charlotte, Sammy, Annabelle, and Wyatt.

My favorite thing to play is: Probably Ninjas

My favorite color is: Green

My favorite book is: Otis and the Tornado

My favorite TV show is: Voltron, Slugterra and Battle Blades

My favorite food is: Cheese Pizza

When I grow up, I want to be: I don't know... different jobs... I want to be a policeman, fireman, builder.
Something I really like: Watch TV. Ride my bike. 
Something I don't like: When Isaac wakes me up in the morning (Isaac is currently waking up everyone at 6am) 
My favorite thing about myself is: Having strong muscles. 
Something I want to do this year: Make my treehouse.

Try, Try Again from the Children's Book of Virtues was the first poem we memorized this year.

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