Friday, February 16, 2018

Nature Day: Green Gorge

We had a lot that we wanted to accomplish on this particular Thursday (we had plans to swim at the Y after our hike), so I decided that Jack and I should go to Green Gorge even though we had hiked here just two weeks ago (with plenty of trail options, we try to rotate where we hike as much as possible).

On this particular morning Jack and I were on the hunt for the first signs of spring. Our nature study told us to be on the look out for the first shoots of daffodils and worms making their way through the mud.

The water in the creek seemed higher than usual and was happily babbling away as we followed its meandering path through the woods.

The songs of birds greeted us, but they stayed mostly hidden, high in the trees.

The moss on the trees seemed an unusually bright color of green. We always review the fact that moss typically grows on the north side of things.

The ground was still frozen, as it was only 30 degrees when we hit the trail, so no worms on this early spring day.

We also did not see any signs of daffodils.

There was a lot of mud as the frost melted, and Jack declared that his favorite part of today’s hike was the "obstacle course" on the trail, i.e. hopping over puddles and mud to keep his feet dry. 

No attempts to cross the creek today due to the colder temps and the higher water. Jack observed that the rocks at his usual crossing spot were mostly submerged.

My favorite part of our hike was walking next to the brook. I love listening to it babble and the birds sing while we walk along in relative silence. 

Jack’s hiking legs get stronger every week. We did this hike in half the time we usually do it... though to be fair, it was too cold and the water was too high to attempt to cross the creek.

We are watching the seasons change with each passing week. Green Gorge is one of the places we are watching this change occur on our mountain. Check out our previous hikes in Green Gorge during the 2017-2018 school year here:
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Check back on Thursdays to see where our nature studies have taken us...
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