Thursday, August 30, 2007

Daniel's Birthday and some random stuff...

Yesterday was Daniel's 27th birthday. I was going to surprise him with a trip to Inner Peaks, the local indoor rock climbing gym. However his neck has been bothering him since he let my 4 youngest girl cousins spend hours tackling him in the swimming pool all of last weekend. So instead we are going rock climbing tomorrow when he gets home from work at noon.

To celebrate last night, we went to one of his favorite restaurants,
131 Main. We celebrated with some fresh seafood that was fantastic. Afterwards we swung by REI to pick up an order he had placed and he also ended up purchasing a down sleeping bag... so happy birthday to Daniel! After REI we went to Barnes&Noble where we split a dessert and coffee at the Starbucks and then spent time reading. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable evening (minus the fact taht I had a killer headache)...

Today we discovered that a house in our neighborhood burned down early this morning. Luckily there was no one in the house when this happened. It is 4 blocks from where we live and completely destroyed.

Tonight I was cooking and I was trying out brown rice instead of the normal white rice. The instructions were different from how I am used to cooking and I burned the rice! I mean it was BLACK and our house smells terrible! Who knew that you could burn rice like that???

Anyways we did a kind of a "cheat" meal. I put the stir fry I had made into a glass dish with a lid and we ran into town to Mama Fu's (a semi-fast food Asian place). We purchased a side of brown rice, some pot-stickers and 2 waters for $4.11. Then we sat in the outdoor dining area and waited for our food. After they brought us the rice and pot stickers, Daniel ran to the car and grabbed our stir fry which we ate with the rice. I am not sure if there is etiquette rules governing whether you can combine your homemade food with your purchased food... but hey, we did it, it was good, cheap and faster than me trying to make a new pot of rice!

After Mama Fu's we went to the Books-A-Million in that shopping center and spent about an hour reading. Talk about a cheap date night. Actually Daniel ended up buying 2 magazines which is good for us b/c normally we just browse.

It is FINALLY raining. I love to throw open the windows and just listen to the rain. Someday we are going to have a screened-in porch with a couch or bed on it that I can go be lazy in every time that it rains!

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