Friday, August 10, 2007

Fried Chicken Fiasco (Sort Of)

When my parents were here, my mom showed me how to make her fried chicken. We walked through all of the steps. Easy enough, right? Apparently not. I am a pretty good cook and in almost 5 years of marriage there are only a handful of meals that I have really botched and last night was one of those times.

Last night I attempted to make fried chicken. I think I got distracted and wasn't paying attention and the next thing I knew, the outside of the chicken was burnt! I finished cooking it and in the end we were able to eat it by pulling the charred skin off. The meat tasted good, it was just the fried part on the outside that was terrible. AND since I had burned the outside I really didn't want to use the grease to make gravy so we had to eat mashed potatoes minus the gravy.

I guess that I will just have to keep trying with the chicken. I know that the more I practice I will eventually get it right! Our house still has the burned smell in it this morning! Lesson learned: don't get distracted when cooking, especially if you are cooking something new.

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