Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home Improvement

A lot has been accomplished on the house over the last 4 days, thanks to Daniel and my Dad. This is the first time I have had virtually no involvement in the work and I have to say it has been kind of nice. Poor Daniel has put in 14 hours a day for the last 2 days and Dad is right up there with him. It is Sunday afternoon and they are still going strong.

House Progress: 

Dad has dry-walled the closets. Daniel and Dad did the final demolition of the bathroom. Daniel took a stab at moving the plumbing - did an excellent job, Dad was very helpful with offering advice. They took out the toilet (it is in the front yard - needs to go to the trash), they also removed the ceiling and relocated the vent.

Once we complete the master bathroom all that is really left is the hall bath, the basement and some detail work. We are definitely getting to be close to count-down mode. I will be sure to post some photos of this weekend's progress.

On the other hand, Mom and I have had a really nice, relaxing visit which has been really great. We were also able to get the menu planned for the upcoming Lock Family Reunion and she has also taught me how to make her Fried Chicken and Pot Roast! We even went out and bought me a cast iron skillet so that I can properly cook everything!

It is really funny to me that my Mom's friend's from Arkansas always ask her to tell them how to make her fried chicken - you would think that since she is originally from Canada and most of them are from the south that she would be asking for their advice instead of the other way around! After all, everyone knows that real fried chicken is a southern thing! I believe she has shared her recipe and secrets to Robert as well.

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