Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If The Shoe Fits

And it finally does. After much searching, I have found a shoe for my wide little foot. I think that I have ordered and tried 8 different shoes from Zappos - all except the one that fits have been returned. I have also tried on countless pairs of shoes in shoe stores.

The first running shoe store was a disappointment with a young, college-age guy informing me that no one made shoes that would fit my abnormal foot.

After a round of pairs of shoes from Zappos - all of which didn't fit in various ways, I went into a New Balance store where a young, college-age girl was extremely helpful. I was very forthright in discussing my wide feet and she had me try on several pairs. She never once told me that I was the problem. She actually found me my perfect shoe, but unfortunately they did not have the right size in stock so I went home and ordered online from Zappos. I tried 2 different sizes of this shoe, just in case.

So the winner that fits my feet is the size 7, width: EE, New Balance model 882. It is wide in all of the right places, keeps my ankle secure and it is the softest shoe that New Balance makes. I wasn't really buying the "softest" aspect, but the shoe is incredibly soft. I don't even know how to describe it. Also, I am a pronator and the shoe will help adjust that for me.

I am soooo happy to have finally found the right shoe for my foot - it does exist!

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