Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Made It To Kentucky

Daniel and I made it to Somerset, KY about 15 minutes ago and are waiting for Mark, Angela & Robert to show up. They called about an hour ago to say they had really bad traffic in Memphis and have another 2 hours of driving.

We lucked out with a nice hotel, at an excellent rate and my brother even gets a rollaway cot and does not have to sleep on the floor! I brought a trusty Thermorest and a sleeping bag for him just in case. Since he is the baby of the fam and does not have to pay for the room he doesnt get a "real" bed, but since he is in college he is cool with that.

Tomorrow we will all head over to the cabins to check in and wait for the rest of the fam to roll in. Angela and I will go take care of the grocery shopping for the weekend - meals for 36 people for 3 days... thank goodness for organization and my trusty shopping list! I hope that I didn't forget anything...

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