Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beach and Station Street Grill

After our dolphin tour, we went and picked Wesley up for lunch. We settled on the Beach and Station Street Grill {which had good reviews online}. I am SO GLAD we went there. It was a small restaurant but since we arrived around 1:30PM we had no problem getting a table.

The food. WOW. The food was excellent. Daniel's dad had a steak that came with grilled shrimp – which he shared with us since he doesn't like shrimp. It was to-die-for good. I don't think I have ever had shrimp that tasted so good. We had a bite of his steak as well and it was also fantastic.

Daniel tried the fried flounder and I had popcorn shrimp... all of which was amazing. I still can't get over that grilled shrimp. I am dreaming of grilling my own shrimp now {Daniel – you need to hurry up and buy us a grill already!!!}.

We were too stuffed for dessert, but I would have LOVED to try the Bourbon Pecan Pie {maybe when I am not pregnant???}. If you are in Port Aransas, you definitely need to plan on going to the Beach and Station Street Grill. In the evening they have a deck you can sit on {during the middle of the day it was way too hot, but it would be perfect once the sun went down}. 

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*Note: They have excellent lunch prices, so if you are on a budget don't let the evening prices detour you, just stop by during the day!

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