Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Night in Texas

On our last evening in Texas Daniel and I headed to the beach for a pre-dinner swim in the Gulf. Initially I didn't plan on getting in the water, but on second thought I decided that I didn't want to be someone who never got in the water just because I am a "grown up."

The best part about the Gulf was watching the flying fish. They were about 12-inches long and they kept jumping out of the water, like they were trying to get over the waves. Too bad we didn't get a picture of them.

For dinner we went to Port A Pizzeria. It was buffet style {or a feeding trough as some of our friends say}. It was good, but it didn't really sit well with me, which is too bad because I really like pizza. Maybe if we had ordered a fresh pie it would have been better.

Port A had good reviews online, but I thought it was just okay. It kind of reminded us of a Mr. Gatty's or Mazzios.

We finished our evening by going out to the point to watch the sunset. It was a nice way to end our time in Texas.

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  1. Texas is very nice place to live. Thanks for the nice pics you have posted.

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