Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Date

After church we decided to run some errands in Huntsville. First stop was Target for me to pick up some maternity stuff. I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in Target's maternity section for clothes. Talk about frumpy stuff. I have decided that I am sticking with shirts that can double as things I would wear in real life and while I am pregnant... it's amazing what you can find in today's styles in the junior section that will fit over a pregnant belly. I think my saving grace {besides tums} will be the bra extenders I picked up {$6.99 for a six pack}. 

Anyways, after Tar-jay, we stopped at Phil Sandoval's for lunch. They offered outdoor seating and it was cool enough {in the shade} to enjoy eating outside. Daniel tried the Lunch Chicken Quessadilla and I had the Lunch Taco Salad. Both were great. We really enjoyed the fresh chips and salsa before the meal as well. We will definitely be back.

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After lunch we went over to the Dollar Theater to see a matinee.

When we finally made it home {around 4PM}, Sophie greeted us outside {in case you don't know she is an INDOOR dog}. We were kind of scratching our heads as to how she got out. Daniel checked the house to make sure there was no foul play and discovered that we had left our back door wide open after eating breakfast on the porch. Oops. Thankfully we live in a very safe area. We are also thankful that Sophie didn't decide to run away {we don't have a fence}. Our electric bill may not make us as thankful. The funny thing is that on our way to Huntsville, Daniel asked me if we had locked the back door and I told him that he was being paranoid...

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