Thursday, May 02, 2013

Play Date: EarlyWorks Museum

Today Jack and I headed to Huntsville for a play date at the EarlyWorks Children's Museum in downtown Huntsville. There are actually three museums in the EarlyWorks complex: The Depot, Constitution Village and The Children's Museum. For a toddler, The Children's Museum is the way to go.

We showed up at 10am, played for two hours, took a break to eat our sack lunch and then played for another hour and half. Jack was pretty worn out by the time we left and slept all of the way home.

There are two areas for toddlers and young children to play in. The place we spent the most time in was Biscuit's Back Yard (Biscuit is a dog). There is a water feature and a pretend grocery store, farm and garden. There is a puppet theater and a place for crawlers (18 months and under) to go crazy in. There is also a secret clubhouse – Jack did great climbing the stairs without me. He has become quite adept at stairs.

The other area for toddlers is the Kidstruction Zone which offers a train and lego table, as well as tools and hardhats and anything that you could think of that involves building and toddlers. Between the two different toddler areas is a 46-foot Keelboat that Jack loved exploring.

I thought that the price of admission was a bit steep – $12 for adult and $5 for a toddler. I think they must want you to buy their annual pass – $60 for two and $85 for a family pass. If you go with someone who already has a pass, the admission is half price (a much more reasonable $8.50 instead of $17).

We really liked this museum and we may consider getting a pass if we keep going back! If you have young children, I would definitely recommend that you visit the EarlyWorks Museum

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