Thursday, May 09, 2013


Jack is almost 18 months old and his vocabulary has been exploding. I knew it would happen, but some days it is still quite shocking. Over the last week, he has been picking up between one and two new words everyday. Having a front-row seat to watch your child learn is an amazing part of being a parent.

Words in Jack's every growing vocabulary: 
(This is the approximate order he said these words. Also, he doesn't say them on command 100% of the time, but he definitely knows how to say them and what they mean.)

1. dada – he uses this for Daniel, but recently this also seems to reference any picture of men that he sees in books.
2. mama
3. bye bye – he says this at bedtime too, though occasionally will say "nye nye." He also uses this to end phone (and Skype) conversations as well as announce when he is ready to leave a place (like at church when we have been visiting for too long!).
4. boo – typically a reference to peak-a-boo, though once I heard him say it when his arm came through the sleeve of his shirt. #sillykid
5. oh wow!
6. okay – sometimes used when disagreeing with me. "Don't do that Jack!." Blank face. "Okay? Okay." And he does whatever I told him not to.
7. tickle – he loves to tickle his own feet or belly and say, "tickle tickle." He also loves to tickle us.
8. Cheree / she – we thought we broke him of the habit of calling me by name, but after a visit to see cousins, he is back at it.
9. buh (ball)
10. buk (book)
11. shhhhhh – he hears me tell Sophie, quite often, to shhhhh and he says it all of the time (mostly often to Sophie and in conjunction with the word NO).
12. na / nana (banana) – we think this may also be his general term for food
13. go / go go– courtesy of the TV show The Cat and the Hat Knows a Lot About That... Here we "go go go go" on an adventure. Go Go is often used when running.
14. no
15. hi
16. shoe – one of his favorite words
17. Jack – loves to point to himself and say "Jack Jack" though sometimes will point to himself and say "dada" or "mama"
18. yay! – he loves to clap for himself and say this

Words learned this week:
19. la

20. ba ba (paci)
21. ma (milk)
22. mou (mouth), 23. nose and 24. ear – not super consistent with these
25. chee (cheese)
26. huh (hug)
27. baa (bath) 
28. truck
29. cah (car) – mostly in reference to his remote control car
30. side (inside)
Animal sounds he has been saying for about a month include his version of: 
31. moo (cow)
32. baa (sheep)
33. ssssss (snake)
34. oo oo (monkey)

He has also been making a 35. vrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm sound for trucks and cars for several months.

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