Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Words Vol. II

I love listening to Jack try out new words. As a first-time mama, each new word makes me want to cheer out loud. At the very least I am grinning ear to ear and sometimes laughing at each attempt. I think I will have many favorite stages about motherhood {along with some not-so-favorite}, but this toddler-learning stage is pretty cool.

To add to my last list of 35 words, Jack has added the following words in the last couple of weeks:

36. tractor
37. cracker
38. key
39. bi-per (diaper) – he will say this when he needs to have his diaper changed
40. side (outside) – also #30 for inside
41. turkey
42. pickle
43. two – we count numbers and as soon as we say "one" he follows with "two"
44. FoFo (Sophie) – we're working on this one
45. slide
46. shorts 47. shirt 48. pants – all words he uses when getting dressed
49. hair
50. men (Amen) – he says this at the end of every prayer, or when he thinks the prayer should be over

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