Wednesday, May 15, 2013

See Jack {Mother's Day Weekend 2013}

This is an ongoing series of videos that I am sharing so that our extended family can keep up with how Jack is growing and changing in these early years. I have been trying to stay in chronological order, but this set of videos is from this past Mother's Day weekend.

See Jack work on his climbing skills... by the end of the weekend, he was doing some serious playground climbing. WITHOUT SUPERVISION.

See Jack ride a big slide with Daddy.

See Jack and his cousins do some "mechanical" work on the the Tonka Truck.

See Jack and Izzy ride the Uncle Mark Wagon Roller Coaster. The kids all love this game. 
I think it must be exhausting for Uncle Mark!

See Jack and Izzy bounce on the trampoline. 

See Grammy share her Mother's Day dessert with Jack.

Just for kicks, this was the lawnmower we watched at Centennial Park in Nashville. Jack pointed it out to us while swinging by saying, "Tractor" which is currently one of his favorite words.

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