Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I am Missing

This is the end of Week 8 of Daniel's new job and traveling is taking its toll. We need a vacation (living in a rental cottage for 4 days each week does not constitute a vacation).  

While I really love a lot of things about being in the city again, there are things about being home that I just plain miss...

1) My own bed. Sleeping in a king size bed is nice, but my dark room and our pillow-top mattress are calling my name.

2) Being able to open the back door and shoe Sophie outside without having to worry if she will get lost or hit by a car. Living on 3 acres in the country is a dream for our dog. It's nice for me too. One night this week I had to go outside with Sophie at 1am. 

For some reason Sophie feels the need to go out more often when we are not at home. Someday her neediness drives me up the wall. I'm trying to work on my patience.

3) Having a fully stocked kitchen and not having to guess where everything is. This week, I could have used a crock pot. Bringing my own is a pain. 

Instead I have made do with baking my pre-made frozen crock-pot meals in the oven. You do what you have to to make this (temporary) lifestyle work.

4) Having a "safe room" in my house to let my child loose. You parents of small children know what I'm talking about. There is no such thing as a safe room in a rental house. There are glass nicknacks and TVs within reach of little hands; not to mention light sockets and chemicals stored under sinks. 

The TV has been on more than we would like, but it is difficult when Jack can easily turn it on. There is no rest for this weary mama. I miss that we can hang out in our bonus room at home and I can relax knowing that the room is safe for Jack (and the TV can't be reached!).

5) Routines. We are not a big "routine-oriented" family, but there are some things that we do on a fairly regular basis as a part of our day. Being in a different house every week, with a different time zone, has me at a loss in regards to routines. 

6) Along with routines, is Jack's naptime. It's all over the place. One of the hardest things of this traveling life is that Jack tends to fall asleep in the car any time that I go somewhere. 

This means that 15-minute cat naps are taking the place of 2-hour afternoon naps. Toddlers have this way of thinking that any amount of sleep is enough sleep for their day. This is not so. These mini naps are leaving this mama tired and without any down time during the day. 

7) Jack's crib. This is more something that Jack probably misses (and should probably fall under #1). I'm pretty sure that Jack has experienced a growth spurt this summer. He is almost the full length of his pack-n-play. I really hope he doesn't outgrow it before our travel days are over! I'm not sure what we will do if I can't contain him in his pack-n-play while he sleeps.

I know this is all temporary and we will eventually get our Alabama home sold and get settled in Tennessee. It is just hard to be patient while we wait. I'm looking forward to being in my own bed tonight! 

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