Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jack is 21 Months

This post is a few days late (Jack turned 21 months on Sunday).

In three short months, our little baby will be two! TWO! With every passing day he seems more and more like a little boy and less like a baby.

This last month was a busy one. We have been traveling a lot and Jack has been a real trooper. I hope he doesn't outgrow his pack-n-play while we are doing this weekly traveling!

I think Jack is going to be a real rule follower. Any time he is in a seat that can be buckled (even if it just pretend), he insists that he get buckled in. Likewise, if he is on a bicycle, he insists that he wears his helmet! As parents, we are thankful for this little quirk.

He continues to really love cars and bikes. Weekly family bike rides have become a thing. Every time Jack sees a bike, he asks, "Ride?" He also continues to show interest in mechanical things and loves to help his daddy take things apart.

New phrases this month include: "What happened?" and "I don't know." He is also trying to count. Right now, this sounds like: "Three. Eight. Nine." He likes to repeatedly call us (even when we are sitting right next to him). Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. or Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. You get the picture. He also really loves following Sophie around, going where she goes when possible. One of his favorite things is stomping around in his black, rubber boots while following Sophie around.

This month Jack and I traveled to see some of my family in Arkansas and Jack had his first experience swimming in a lake. He also mastered the little water slide at our local splash pad.

Jack loves riding on the four wheeler with his daddy and finally figured out how to ride his own little powerwheels four wheeler (though I'm pretty sure he prefers the real thing to the toy!).

Thankfully, he has not exhibited much separation anxiety. We can drop him off at the toddler class at church or I can drop him in the childcare center at the YMCA and he doesn't even look back to say bye. We are so thankful that he is easy going and loves to be with other kids. I am also thankful for the opportunities for socialization since he is with me a majority of the time.

Our little guy got a new tooth this month. I think he is up to 11 little teeth, which I am sure makes eating easier.

A few firsts this month include learning to do a somersault, climbing on the furniture (more adventurously), and flipping over the handle bars of his tricycle (thankfully he was fine). 

He has also shown more interested in coloring/drawing this month. He will spy his markers on the shelf and ask to "draw." He is getting the hang of coloring on a piece of paper, but he is just as content to take the lids on and off the markers.

We are loving our time with Jack. We love to watch him grow and learn new things on an almost daily basis. I think we are learning too: how to be more loving, patient, kind, empathetic and silly.

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