Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Things: Lake House Edition

This week we had the opportunity to stay at a lake house. We were under the impression that the house was in Sale Creek, TN (30 minutes from Daniel's work, 30 minutes from downtown Chatt). We found out after booking it that it was actually located in Harrison, TN. Harrison is directly across the lake from Sale Creek, but it is NOT Sale Creek. This meant a 50 minute commute around the lake for Daniel and I was still 20-30 minutes from anything. It was nice being on the lake but it was a little too far from everything.

A few things from this week:

1) Don't lock yourself out of your rental house immediately after you get there. Thankfully I had my cell phone and was able to call the owner and find a solution for getting back in the house.

2) Also, I am thankful that Jack was with me and not locked in the house!

3) Jack is fascinated by front-loading washing machines. Our washer and dryer are well over 30 years old. They still work, so we haven't felt the need to replace them. We bought them used 10 years ago because we are that cheap!

4) The lake house reminded me of something out of Grownups or Dan in Real Life. If I owned a lake house, I would want it to be like this. 

Large enough to have wall-to-wall beds in the guest bedrooms. A wrap-around screened-in porch with beds and seating galore and lots of fans for hot summer days. 

Wood paneling throughout (I don't care for wood paneling, but in this type of house, it just felt nostalgic). A huge dining table for lingering over a home-cooked meal or sipping sweet tea while playing games. 

The house was across the street from the lake. A trail went down to the dock, which would be perfect for fishing or canoeing or swimming.

5) Tuesday night we went to a lecture series at the Clear Creek Church of Christ in Hixson. There was a meal served before the speaker. This is our third week to attend. After the meal, the kids all play until it is time for "class." Jack was busy playing when I went to tear him away. I expected a meltdown. Instead this happened: 
"Jack do you want to go to class?" He looked at me, put down his ball and said, "Class?" and proceed to run all the way to his classroom –which was across the building– with no guidance. We trailed behind to make sure he went to the right place, and he did.

6) The speaker's topic was small groups and how they should be like a second family. He started asking if you had friends in your life who could just come over and make themselves a sandwich without asking permission to open your fridge. The point is that people in your life group should have that level of intimacy with you. 

We are still in the visiting stage at Clear Creek, but it is nice to know that we already have that level of intimacy with the family that invited us. It is such a blessing to have friends that we have known for the last 8 years and can pick up where we left off without worrying about having to "make" new friends.

7) This blog post by Hannah at Sundry Mumsy is a wonderful explanation about choosing to be connected to the internet world. Yes, there are plenty of things to be afraid about when it comes to the internet, but there is something sweet about sharing your life via the images and words you put out there. It's part of the reason I choose to blog. I want to be inspired by what I come across on the internet and I hope I am occasionally inspiring someone else. Besides, sharing my life online is a vital way for me to stay connected to my family who live far away!

I hope you have a blessed week! Today is Daniel's 33rd Birthday and we have some fun things in store for the days to come!

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