Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Travel Status (aka our temporary lives as wanderers/gypsies)

We're back to being gypsies again. A different home every week. Suffice it to say, our lives are not normal right now. I thought I would share a peak at what our week currently looks like while Daniel is on travel status for work (this is so that I can look back and remember how crazy this is as well as for anyone who is interested or has asked for more details).

Morning: Get up and drive 50 minutes southwest to attend church in Huntsville, AL.

Lunch: Grab a bite with friends then head home to pack. Jack typically sleeps on the drive home.

Afternoon: Pack and load the cars – if we're lucky, Jack will continue to nap when we get home. This process seems to take about 1.5 hours and involves a master list that I update weekly. The list includes information like what food items we have on hand that need to be taken with us. We pack one large rubbermaid with pantry stuff and 2 small coolers with anything that needs to be refrigerated. This saves us from having to throw away food on a weekly basis.

Late Afternoon: Drive 60+ minutes northeast to whatever location we are staying at in the Chattanooga, TN area. Unload our cars, unpack as much as we can and then head out for dinner.

Dinner: Eat at a local restaurant or meet up with friends or family as we are too tired from traveling to try to cook.

Daniel gets up early to drive an hour to Watts Bar for work. Jack and I try to adjust to being on Eastern time (thankfully Jack sleeps in).
Monday is my grocery day and I get any food items we didn't have at home (and anything we might have forgotten).
During the week, Jack and I do various activities in the Chattanooga area (and the occasional playdate) and I also try to squeeze in a couple of workouts at a local YMCA.
At least one evening during the week, we try to do one fun thing as a family (typically a hike/trail run or a last minute to run to Dairy Queen).
Bedtime for Jack is at 8:30 Eastern (we had to move his Central bedtime back to 7:30 because having a toddler staying awake until 9:30 was not working for our family).

Wednesday Night
Daniel and I pack as much as we can after Jack goes to bed.

Morning: Daniel leaves early for work and when Jack and I get up, we have breakfast and then I pack up everything that didn't get packed the night before. I let Jack play in the car while I load everything. I do a final walk through in the house (the first week, I forgot a cooler that was in the freezer!). Then we head home.

Afternoon: Jack and I get home around lunch. I unload the car and start doing laundry. If I'm lucky Jack will go down for a nap and I can try to unwind before Daniel gets home. 

Night: If we aren't too exhausted and it is a Life Group week, we try to make it down to Huntsville to spend time with our small group. Otherwise, we eat out and maybe grab groceries for the weekend.

We try to do something fun as a family (typically a bike ride or hike). We also do any chores or house maintenance that need to be done (like mow the yard).

I spend some time planning the menu for the upcoming week and adjusting my master list to include pantry or refrigerated items that we have on hand.
Sunday - REPEAT the above 

This lovely lifestyle is working for us right now. It isn't always fun, but it allows us to be together as a family.

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