Monday, June 16, 2014

Dinner, a Movie, and a Project

We had another busy weekend for the books. Recently Daniel's sister, Amy, offered to come hang out with Jack for a weekend so that Daniel and I could have some time for ourselves. As parents this is not the kind of offer you pass up.

So Amy came down Saturday, bringing Jack's Nana and Great Grandmother with her. It worked out that Jack took an early nap and woke up shortly after everyone arrived. 

After lunch together, Amy and Nana took Jack to the Discovery Museum while Daniel and I spent the afternoon figuring out where we wanted to hang artwork and getting most of the downstairs art on the walls. 

It feels so good to have that project (mostly) completed. There is something about stuff on the walls that makes a house really feel like home.

Saturday night Daniel and I left Jack in the capable hands of family and went out for dinner and a movie. It seems like we do this about twice a year, so it was a special treat.

Unfortunately the timing for a nice sit down dinner and a movie we really wanted to see weren't aligning. We chose a good dinner over a movie we would love. We made our way to the Lakeshore Grille in Hixson and enjoyed a beautiful view of the lake and amazing food. I tried their fish and chips and it was the best fish and chips I have tasted. Seriously. Daniel's salmon was also amazing.

After we ate, we checked movie times and found a comedy to go to. We would have much rather seen the newest X-Men movie or The Fault in the Stars, but the timing wasn't working for us. The comedy was ok, but in general it was nice to sit in a movie theater for once.

Saturday was Father's Day and we enjoyed visiting with family. I made a country breakfast before church and then helped Amy cook a Mexican spread for lunch. I think Daniel had a fun, low-key Father's Day. That evening he requested a picnic at the park across the street.

So, a busy, but also laid back weekend. We enjoyed visiting with family and having some time to ourselves and marking a project off the list. Jack had a ball playing with his Aunt Amy, Nana and Great Grandmother.

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