Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Chats with Jack ⎮ May, 2014

Daniel and I have this habit of quoting random lines from songs as a part of our daily conversation. About a month ago, we started quoting a couple of lines from the Cake song "The Distance" before Jack's bedtime. 

The line goes:  
"The sun has gone down. 
And the moon has come up. 
And long ago somebody left with the cup..." 

Now when we quote the sun/moon part, Jack automatically says, "somebody left with the cup." For some reason this always cracks us up. In more recent weeks, Jack will tell us "somebody left with the cup" when he is ready to go to bed.

Whenever we drop Jack off at Bible class or at childcare at the Y, he likes to run in and shout, "I came back!" in a very excited voice.

If you say Jack's name and he is within hearing distance, he will hold his hand up and say, "I'm right here" in his little sing song voice.

Recently Jack was saying that he wanted something, so Daniel started telling him that he wanted a pony. This happened a couple of times when all of a sudden Jack said, "Ok, I'll get you a pony." And he sauntered off. Daniel and I laughed and wondered what he would bring back. He brought Daniel a kiwi and said, "Here's your pony."

We had a good chuckle over that and I let Jack eat the kiwi – which he liked.

A couple of days later, a similar conversation ensued. Daniel said he wanted a pony and Jack ran and got a kiwi. So I told Jack that it wasn't a pony and asked if he knew what it was. He looked at the kiwi and said, "a zucchini?" Well, that's a lot closer than a pony!

I recently asked Jack what his favorite toy was and he told me, "when it's my turn."

Conversation between Jack and Daniel 
Daniel: Are you going to be a greenie?
Jack: Yes. 

Daniel: Are you going to be against nuclear and coal when you grow up? (Daniel works in the power industry) 
Jack: No. 

Daniel: Do you think electric cars are going to take off?
Jack: Yes. We drive cars.

On Memorial weekend we asked Jack if he wanted to go camping. He was very excited about this prospect, but said he needed his own backpack... which we have since purchased.

One of Jack's current phrases is "That's cool." How old is this kid? 

He also started saying, "Let's roll" when he's ready to go somewhere. I think he picked this up from me. I realized that I say it when we are biking.

Jack has a fascination with pretending to put out fires and just about anything works as a "hose" for him to put out said fires. He is also into pretending he is on a rocket ship and likes to yell "blast off!"

He calls lemonade "lemon-cade" and I love the sweet way he says "rests-a-raunts" for restaurant and "breaks-fast" for breakfast.

We potty trained Jack over the Memorial Day weekend. I think he was just ready because we only had a few accidents and once I told him that he needed to tell us (or a teacher) when he needed to go, he pretty much caught on right away and did it. Even for church and childcare at the Y. We didn't do treats, but he does like giving us a thumbs up or a high five when he is finished. He basically seemed to understand that this was the next step to becoming a big boy. Interestingly we were out doing lots of fun activities that entire weekend we potty trained and he did really well, with no accidents.

We are still doing diapers at night until we are sure he can go all night but we are just about free of the diaper stage! I am grateful for Daniel Tiger and the episode where Prince Wednesday learns: 
"If you have to go potty, STOP, and go right away. 
Flush and wash and be on your way."

My only complaint is that I feel like the song needs a couple of more lines:
If you need to go potty, STOP,  
and tell a parent, and run to the bathroom, 
and go right away. 
Wipe, and flush, and wash and be on your way.

Jack really likes the song and will sing it when he goes potty, so thank you Daniel Tiger for your catchy little tunes to help little ones learn new things. 

Over the weekend, Jack started going to the potty independently and will tell us, "You stay there" and we are supposed to stand outside the bathroom door. He also told one of his teacher's at the Y that he could wipe by himself... It looks like we have a fairly independent kid. 


  1. How sweet and wonderful! It sounds like he's quite the big boy now!


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