Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Not much has been going on in my neck of the woods lately. We were really busy and then we weren't. Sometimes you just need a break.

It seems that summer camps in the Chattanooga area are a big deal. A really BIG deal. I haven't been able to totally sort out my feelings on this. 

I grew up going to church camp when I was in grade school (for one week each summer to Camp Omagh in Ontario). Then as a teenager I spent many summers attending Wilderness Trek (a backpacking trip in Colorado) with my youth group. I really loved those trips. 

Now I have a toddler and there is pressure to sign up for summer camps. I just don't know. Won't he have as much fun hanging out with me at the pool or Y or whatever Daniel and I decide to do with him on the weekends? Is the summer camp thing really necessary?

Anyways, that is where my head is. I have this belief that if Daniel or I didn't need or do it as kids, then it isn't really a necessity. Just my thoughts right now. Maybe I'll eat my words and sign Jack up for gymnastics next month... who knows.

In other news, Jack got into preschool for the fall. I am really stoked about this. Somehow it makes me feel more like a grown up – I had to call the school for information, visit the school, meet the teachers, ask my questions, fill out an application and then get really excited when I got the call that we were off the waiting list. It is weird that I'm 33+ and this makes me feel like a grown up?

One of the things on my Bucket List is to drive across the country, camping and visiting National Parks. I'm a little jealous that one of the bloggers I follow is doing this with her family. Ashley Ann, her husband and 5 kids are traveling this summer and doing what I dream of doing. I am living vicariously through her blog right now...

In addition, a friend is currently visiting Yellowstone, one of my college professor's just returned from visiting the Badlands, and the parents (of a friend from my high school days) are riding a motorcycle from Arkansas to Alaska as we speak. I am very much enjoying all of their photos on Facebook (and trying not to be too jealous).

On the workout front, I have really been enjoying the boot camp, pump and Pi-Yo classes I have been going to. They give me some time to myself and some days I just need a break from Jack – it's amazing how an hour of doing something that is just for me can make my bad days better. It makes me a better mom. Working out has also helped me work through some of my feelings about my miscarriage. I was bummed, but also a bit angry about the experience. Group exercise has allowed me to work through those feelings in a way I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

Anyways, that is just a little update on me lately. Boring life, living vicariously through others and working out to get my endorphins going and make me a better person.

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