Monday, June 09, 2014

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend Jack and I headed to Nashville to celebrate birthdays with family. This post is just a quick overview of our trip...

Friday night we went to my brother's party in East Nashville. He was having a big cookout at a friend's house to celebrate this year. My sister, her family and Jack and I were a part of what I will call the pre-party. We arrived at 7 and enjoyed meeting and visiting with some of Mark's friends. As the evening progressed, more people showed up. Unfortunately we had to take the kids home to bed before the grilling started (around 9:30pm). Good thing we brought snacks for the kids!

Saturday we celebrated my niece's 5th birthday. Needless to say, this was a very different kind of party! Four little girls, and two toddler boys enjoyed cake, painting fairy birdhouses, and running around having fun.

After the birthday party, the cousins cooled off with the hose. They had a blast spraying each other and running through the water. 

Saturday evening, we went out for one final birthday meal together. My sister and her family are moving to Florida at the end of the week, so it was also our last big family meal for awhile (though missing my parents and Daniel). We are sad to see my sister's family go. Obviously we won't be able to make regular weekend trips to visit them any more, but I foresee more trips to the beach in our future...

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