Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Frozen/Tinker Bell Birthday Party

Last month my sister talked to me about helping with my niece's birthday party invitations. We talked to Izzy and at the time she was wavering between a Frozen themed party and Hello Kitty. She finally settled on Frozen.

Fast forward to the week before the party. My sister (who was also trying to pack for their coming move to Florida) went to the party store to discover there were NO Frozen decorations to be found. At all. She wasn't sure what to do. In the end, they settled on a Tinker Bell/Fairy theme. The little girls at the party were none the wiser and they can do Frozen next year when their lives aren't quite so hectic.

Even though they are about to move, my sister still managed to make a beautiful "5" cake that was decorated with Tinker Bell and fairies.

She also had the little girls paint fairy bird houses – which was a big hit with the party goers.

Two little boys were also excited to take a turn painting.

While I know my sister loves going all out for parties, this party was still beautiful and the kids had a ton of fun. That's the most important thing anyways :)

Sometimes pizza, minimum decorations, a great cake and a fun activity are all you really need. Especially when you are about to move to another state!

The boys were particularly excited to play with the kazoo party favors. Though I was glad to leave Jack's behind!

The Frozen invite for the party. There's always next year! 
Tinker Bell turned out to be a fun party though.

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