Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cloth Diapers, 2015 Update

We have been using cloth diapers this time around (as we did with Jack) and I thought I would share a quick update.

We are actually using the same diapers we bought 3.5 years ago. We used them for about two years with Jack and then put them in storage. Of the 30 diapers we had, 10 leaked when we pulled them out to use for Isaac. Sadly, some of my favorite patterns are among our diapers that are no longer usable! It took me several weeks to figure out which diapers were the culprits and to set them aside. I tried stripping them, but that process did not seem to work.

We ended up purchasing 10 new diapers as replacements from Just Simply Baby (our favorite diaper the first time around). I still generally like this company, but was a little disappointed in two ways: 
1) Just Simply Baby no longer sells a microfiber insert. This was my favorite insert in that it dries the fastest and seemed to be the most absorbent in my experience. Their new standard inserts are called "Microboo" and they are really thick and take FOREVER to dry. (Microboo is a combination of Microfiber and Bamboo.) 

2) Several of my newly purchased diapers leak. This is disappointing since they are brand new. 
I reached out to the company regarding the fact that they no longer sell microfiber AND the fact that some of my new diapers leak. They offered to sell me some leftover microfiber diapers (in lieu of an exchange – even though I thought I ordered microfiber) and they have not responded regarding the new leaking diapers. This is disappointing.

Anyways, overall we are still having a good cloth diapering experience with Isaac. I like that he rarely gets diaper rashes (when he does, a little coconut oil clears it right up). I like that the price is so much cheaper than disposable. And I like that cloth diapers don't have a smell to them (I have been using some Honest Company diapers that were given to me and they don't smell... however, in my experience with disposable diapers, I think that Pampers Cruisers work best, but they smell).

Also, we rarely have blowouts with our cloth diapers, so I am a big fan, even if it takes a little extra work with having to wash them (Rockin Green is still our go-to detergent).

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