Saturday, September 19, 2015

Neigborhood Bike Ride

There will come a day when we spend some of our weekends (hopefully) riding single track in the woods or putting in the miles on the road with our boys, but that day is not today.
Today we went on a 1.5 mile ride around our neighborhood.
It was a first family bike ride for all four of us together; the first time Jack pedaled with both mommy and daddy riding along (he and Daniel have taking rides in the neighborhood before); and the first time Isaac was towed in the chariot.
For Daniel and I it was a slow (very slow) ride, but I'm glad we did it.
We happen to live in one of the flattest neighborhoods on Signal Mountain, but even our neighborhood is not flat. We are so proud of Jack for overcoming his trepidation on the downhill parts, and pushing through and pedaling the uphills. He only had to get off and walk once going up.
We are working on teaching Jack the rules of the road: staying to the right; staying away from cars; stopping at stop signs; paying attention to where you are riding; that sort of thing.
Some day, we will take advantage of all of the single track that Chattanooga has to offer (110 miles currently), but until that day comes, we will keep building up skills and endurance in our neighborhood.

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