Friday, September 11, 2015

Hidden Hills Farm Tractor Play Day

Today marked our second visit to the Hidden Hills Farm and Saddle Club for a play day. It's hard to believe that Isaac was only a month old for our first visit! Thankfully Daniel was off of work today (after working the last 10 days with only one day off) and we were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and a farm full of tractors to play on.

This play day was made for Jack and Daniel. They were in a truck heaven. Hopefully in a couple of years, Isaac will be enjoying this experience just as much.

There was a skid steer that Jack got to drive (and then ride in the bucket of).

There were tractors to sit on and play with all of the controls (and Daniel gladly patiently answered every question Jack had about every lever and button in every tractor).

There was a backhoe to operate (Daniel was in his mid-twenties before he got to use a backhoe, and may have been a teeny bit jealous).

There was a bucket on the backhoe to ride up in the air in (you just had to trust the operator working the bucket).

There was a Kubota utility vehicle to drive in the back field. Jack had fun steering it any way but in a straight line.
And of course, there were horse rides again.

This was little boy heaven (and I have two little boys and one big one if you count Daniel).

The Cow Milking day that we attended in May was a fun event, but the Tractor Day is going on our calendars as a family day for the future.

If you missed this week's Tractor Day, they are having another one next Thursday, Sept. 24. The cost to visit the farm is $10 for your first child and $5 for subsequent kids (babies are free). Tractor Day is definitely worth the visit. We had a wonderful time!

Jack gets to help drive a skid steer, then take a ride in the bucket.

Jack and Mommy ride in the Backhoe bucket.

Jack and Daddy play with the dump truck, while Isaac gets up close and personal with the skid steer and Mommy almost has a heart attack.

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  1. It looks like you were able to enjoy the weather and have a fun day out with the family. You all look so cute together. I think that it is important to have outings like this. Not only does it bond a family together, it is also very educational and a generally good experience. I hope my husband and I can go out with our children like this soon.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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