Friday, September 18, 2015

Isaac is Five Months Old

Another month! Are we really almost to the half-year old point???

Our littlest man is really starting to get interactive and we all love it.

There is a lot of chattering and squealing coming from this little dude. He is discovering his voice and loves to use it. Especially in the evenings, like when we read to Jack at bedtime or try to watch TV.

Lately it sounds like he is saying "mama" but I don't think it's a real word yet. 

Isaac gives us the biggest smiles (a toothy grin with no teeth) and has big belly laughs that are so much fun. He is such a content and happy baby.

As for his physical appearance, he is getting more and more hair. Right now it looks blond with a hint of red... we shall see.

Isaac loves feeling different textures. He rubs his hand against the couch and wall and anything that feels different, including Sophie's fur.

Little guy has starting to attempt to roll his big self over (I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing he is around 22 pounds).

And he can sit when assisted. He will lift his head and body to a sitting position when he is leaning back.

Speaking of 22 pounds, he is now wearing 12 month clothes! The outfit above is just a little too small!

AND we had to go ahead and upgrade his car seat this month because he was just too big for his baby carrier. He is now in Jack's old Recaro convertible car seat.

Isaac also officially outgrew the Rock-N-Play (we probably waited too long on this) and we finally moved to the crib in his nursery, upstairs. 

We did have a setback with sleep after our vacation, but he seems to be settling into a new pattern of sleeping 5 hours again at night (thank goodness!).

Isaac has discovered his toes. It is funny to watch him roll around trying to grab them.

In addition to grabbing his toes, he loves to pinch me and pull my hair. Little man has a serious grip with those fingers. Jack is not a fan of getting pinched and takes it quite personally.

He is also officially a thumb sucker. The child will not take a paci!

Over the last couple of weeks, Isaac has shown an interest in the food on our plates, but we still haven't started him on food. I'm not ready to commit to carrying around food everywhere, not to mention the change in diaper composition!

This month we started dropping him off at the Cradle Roll class at church and he loves it. I know he loves the singing and all of the attention he gets from the teachers (I've been dropping him at the Y since 4 weeks, so he is pretty comfortable with being left).

Isaac can now sit/bounce in his bouncer and really enjoys it. He actually outgrew the baby swing at the Y (they can't buckle him in any more!).

He now gets distracted while nursing and I have to give him my full attention. He will stop nursing and look at me until I put my phone down. 

He also loves to watch his brother play and hates to miss out on anything. Jack likes trying to demonstrate things, like how to rollover and crawl.

This month, we went to the beach...

celebrated Daniel's 35th birthday...

went on a hike and visited a farm

We are keeping busy and it will be fun when he can join in on our outings a bit more!

*As with Jack, I will be posting monthly updates of Isaac on a quilt (inherited from my Grandma), next to a yellow Tonka truck (a toy from Daniel's childhood). 
Isaac at One Month  |  Isaac at Two Months  |  Isaac at Three Months  |  Isaac at Four Months

A Look Back: 
Jack at One Month  |  Jack at Two Months  |  Jack at Three Months   |   Jack at Four Months   
Jack at Five Months  
(We used a quilt from Daniel's family for the Jack photos, along wit the Tonka truck from Daniel's childhood).

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