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Chats with Jack ⎮ June-September, 2015

I am determined to keep blogging about life, I know one day I will look back and be thankful I did. That being said, my kids are only 3.5-years and 4-months old and it is already getting to be more challenging. Hoping to just keep at it as I can. Here are some of the interesting chats we have had with Jack over the last couple of months...

I'll check the rer-mometer [monitor] and let you know when Isaac wakes up.

When someone works SO HARD to build something, we don't tear it down. 
[very upset at Sophie for knocking over a block tower].

Daniel and I were discussing an [electrical] transformer in our backyard and Jack wanted to know where the transformer [robot] was.
D: Some words mean more than one thing.
J: It's more than meets the eye?
D: Something like that.

Mommy, I found a nice spider! 

My tummy hurts... I had too much sugar.

J: God lives at CVS.
Me: Actually, God lives everywhere.
J: He doesn't live in my neighborhood.
Me: ...

When Isaac gets bigger we will have two Jacks.

Jack is convinced that sneezes are called "bless yous." 

Mommy has to read because she knows the words to all the books.

Aunt Emily is special, so we can park in the blue space [handicapped parking].

One of my friends doesn't love me. I love everybody, but not bad guys.

I can jump off the diving board, my goggles will protect me.

Me: Is daddy smart?
J: Yes.
Me: Is mommy smart?
J: All of us are smart.

Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a superhero.

Daddy does rock climbing for work.

Mommy, why are they the champions of the world? [listening to Queen in the car]

Everything is my favorite.

Hey Daddy, don't rest!

Done going potty but still sitting on the toilet... Jack was looking in Daniel's Northern Tools catalog and said, "I'm looking at all the machines."

D: Does Anya have any brothers or sisters?
J: Yes, I'm her only brother.
D: Are you anyone else's brother?
J: Yes, Charlotte and Audrey's.
D: Is Isaac your brother?
J: No.
D: Are you Isaac's brother?
J: Yes.

Is zoo-case really sugary? I like zoo-case. [koolaid]

It's a piranha [pinata].


There is a bad little cat with green eyes that is scaring me and making me itch inside. It goes in my leg and sucks my blood. Can I sleep with you? [has a recurring bad dream about a cat making him itch]

J: It's the Mariana Trench.
Me: That's the deepest part of the ocean.
J: No, it's the deepest, darkest place on Earth.
[thank you Octonauts]

Asher is my friend and he loves duct tape.

J: I want to paint my room.
D: That's a lot of work buddy.
J: That's ok it won't be hard for five of us.
D: There's only three of us.
J: I've got a couple of friends.

I have to get good at my new skills.

Mommy, grass and salmon are yummy. [dill on the salmon]

Note from Daniel:
The last few nights that we've “played” in the garage, Jack has insisted on setting up both camp chairs, then insists that we sit in them and have snacks while he props his feet up on the lift. [I suggested I use the office chair; but it just wouldn’t do].

Basically he’s been making his own man cave.

He also insisted on wearing the PFD [his old one that’s small]. Can’t remember why, I think it was to protect him from bad guys?

Sees picture of himself playing with Tonka truck at 10 months and says, "Look Isaac's playing with the truck."

Jack told me he wanted the episode with the five-zero and directed me to the number 50! 
He is also adding numbers up to 10 with the use of his fingers.

Jack dumped a box of craisins on the floor. He picked them up [they were all covered in dog hair] and proceeded to tell me that I could have the furry ones.

J: Go mommy.
Me: The light is red, we have to wait until the light says we can go.
J: Mommy, lights don't talk.

Says things are "easy peasy."

I've been rewarding Jack with tokens that he can exchange to watch TV, he calls them token tots.

J: Here you go sir.
Me: Thank you sir.
J: You're welcome sir.
[I've been working on teaching him that you are supposed to say "ma'am" if it's a woman]

Mommy, did you know that all boys are action figures? [after a conversation with Aunt Angela about barbies vs action figures]

Me: Did you know my name is Virginia Cheree Moore?
J: [shakes head] I don't like that name.
Me: What's my name?
J: Cheree and Mommy.

Mr. He-Man [instead of Mr. T] says "I pity the fool." 

[keeps confusing Mr. T and He-Man action figures]

I'm doing it the old fashioned way.

Me: That's how we learn, we investigate and discover new things.
J: And we do flip overs.

To me: You went poop. Great job!

D: Who knows more about cars, Mommy or Daddy?
J: Mommy does.

When they talk fast it's called Spanish.


Me: Are you flying in a spaceship, airplane or helicopter?
J: None. I'm flying with rocket boots.


Recently learned how to spell his name: J A C K spells Jack!


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