Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fingerprints Are Everywhere

Kids say the darnedest thing and our Jack is no exception.

After church and preschool, he always tells us comical things [he doesn't realize they are comical].

He is sure that there is a Johnny Appleseed blessing AND a super heroes blessing.

He likes to sing: Read your bible, pray every day and you'll shrink, shrink, shrink [supposed to be grow, grow, grow].

And recently he told me that fingerprints were everywhere. I filled in the blank and asked if he meant that God's fingerprints were everywhere, and he agreed that I was right.

Sometimes his view of the world provides comic relief to our day – anyone else struggling with kid bedtimes lasting for-ev-er? But often I get reminders to slow down and look at the world around me. To see things as he sees them. Reminders that [God's] fingerprints really are everywhere.

It reminds me to breathe in the cooler autumn air as deeply as I can. To relish the last days of green shade from our trees before the colors start changing to brilliant hues and the leaves start dropping. I am reminded to really see others and not focus on myself so much. I'm thankful that I can look up and see God's fingerprints, especially on the harder days.

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