Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Injury while hiking to Mushroom Rock

Photos of injury in second half of post. Just scrapes and bruising, but you've been warned!

We decided to go on a family hike to Mushroom Rock. It's a hike we have done numerous times. Often with me carrying Isaac.

I have been having some hip and back issues all summer, so we decided that Daniel would be in charge of Isaac on this hike.

So I walked ahead with Jack. I was in the process of telling Jack to slow down on a steep section of trail next to a drainage ditch when the end of my sandal (I was hiking in Chacos) caught some loose gravel and turned under my foot.

I didn't want to pitch forward and tumble down the hill on my face or land on top of Jack, so I leaned back. This meant I slid on gravel for several feet with my foot tucked under my leg.

I'm not sure how to explain it except that my toes were underneath me, touching the back of my calf.
Stop reading here if you don't want to see my injury...

It wasn't pretty. And it hurt. A lot.

Jack stopped and was worried about me. Daniel and Isaac hurried to check on me.

Did I mention that it really hurt?

When I had caught my breath, Daniel helped me to stand. Thankfully I was able to stand and put weight on it. But it really hurt.

Day 2

Daniel found me a stick to help me walk and we headed back to the car.

Day 2 at Walk-In Clinic

Jack was really upset that we had to cut our hike short. So we explained the life lesson that there are times that you have to turn back for the weakest part of the group. At almost-six he doesn't understand or agree with this lesson.

Day 3

It took me about an hour to walk the less than half a mile back to the car. I was really hurting.

Day 5

I made it to the car and Daniel helped me get in. My foot and leg were scraped pretty badly and already swollen and bruising.

Day 9

I didn't think anything was broken, so we chose not to go to the ER. I iced it all evening and kept having times when the pain made me feel like I was going to throw up. By Sunday morning I was ready to see a doctor.


Daniel dropped me at a walk-in clinic on the way to church. I learned that I had bad bruising, most likely a sprained ligament, but no cracks or breaks in the bone. Just need to ice, rest and take pain meds until I feel better.

Day 18

January 2018 Update: I saw a Orthopedic Surgeon about 4 months after the fall (early January) because my ankle still hurts and bruising returns every time I work out or go for a hike. The surgeon didn't really have any useful advice, other than it isn't fully healed yet. Surgery may be an option, but for now I need to use ibuprofen as necessary, ice, salt baths, and look into getting a brace for when I hike...

May 2018, seven months after fall

May 2018 Update: Seven months after this fall, I was still experiencing pain and bruising so I sought out a second opinion. X-rays and then an MRI showed that my leg is structurally sound, but there is still subcutaneous damage (under the skin) and potential nerve issues since I'm still having pain. Next step is to meet with a hip and back specialist to see if pain I've been dealing with since February 2017 is causing the pain in my shin.

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