Sunday, September 10, 2017

End of Preschool Pool Party

The last month of preschool, Jack kept talking about how his class was going to have a pool party to celebrate the end of school. Jack is really good about telling the truth, but this felt like such a strange claim, that I didn't quite believe him.

He kept telling me the same story for weeks, even though I had no confirmation from the school. I checked with friends parents and everyone was getting the same story, but still no invite to said pool party.

The last week of school, I tried to prep Jack for the fact that this pool party probably wasn't going to happen. We had the year end party at a local park and I finally had a chance to bring it up with his teachers.

The corroborated the story, half apologizing since one of the teachers had built a new house with a pool and had hoped for the pool to be ready for the end of school. But she again promised the kids would have a party some time that summer, as soon as the pool was ready.

Summer passed and still no party. Jack would talk about it periodically and I tried my best to prepare him for the fact that it might not happen and sometimes we have to experience disappointment in life.

School started, still no pool party. Then mid September a group text went out. The party was on. Nevermind that it was 50-something degrees the morning of the party. (This was the weekend of Hurricane Irma, and our cousins were staying with us from Florida!).

We went to football that morning bundled up, but Ms. Shelby said her pool was heated, so we went to the party after lunch.

Thankfully the sun warmed everything up (I was still in a sweater). It was fun getting together with his preschool class one last time. Everyone had moved on to either pre-K, one of the two public schools on the mountain for kindergarten, or homeschool.

The kids had a blast and didn't seem to mind that the party was several months late! I was impressed that Jack was able to jump off the diving board and slide down the slide (after he worked up the courage) without a life jacket.

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