Friday, September 01, 2017

Friend Friday at the Creative Discovery Museum

For our second Friend Friday of the school year, we chose to meet up at the Creative Discovery Museum in downtown Chattanooga.

This museum continues to be our favorite museum for kids in our city. We have maintained our membership since moving here five years ago.

If you have young kids and are visiting Chattanooga, it is a must visit. Especially if it is rainy.

My kids love the hands-on nature of the museum.

We always start out in the River Play section – my philosophy is if the kids get wet, they will have two hours to dry out. I have friends who prefer to get wet at the end and then leave.

Either way, it's a good spot to play and learn about how rivers and dams work.

The Eric Carle exhibit was still up on this visit, and the kids enjoyed climbing through the huge grass and climbing on the spiderweb again.

The Make-It Shop is a favorite area of ours, and we always make a stop there so the boys can work on building something.

On this visit we wrapped up by digging for dinosaurs.

We had another successful Friend Friday, with lots of hands on learning. We are looking forward to all of the fun we plan to have with our friends during the course of this school year!

Check back on Fridays to see our weekly outings.
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