Saturday, October 16, 2010

Almost Dinner and a Movie

We are staying at a hotel in Northlake {Atlanta} that is close to a Movie Tavern – which serves dinner with your movie. We decided {rather last minute} to go see Life As We Know It

The hotel was close enough that we decided to walk. We had 10 minutes before the movie started, so we hurried as fast as we could. The theater ended up being further away than we thought (thanks to big parking lots) so we ran to try to get there on time. We made it to the ticket booth {out of breath} only to find out that the movie we wanted to see was sold out. Boo. 

Since we missed out movie, Daniel gave in and agreed to stop for Chinese food instead. Daniel thought that the inside of the Mandarin Palace {where we ate} looked like something out of a movie where a Chinese mob boss would be hiding in the back. The food was good. I'm bummed that we missed out on getting to eat dinner with a movie...

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