Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Project 52 Date Nights: On The Border

Thanks to hotel reward points, we were able to go to Atlanta this past weekend and stay in
a hotel for free. 

Instead of eating at Atlanta-specific restaurants, we chose to eat at On The Border our first night – mostly because there isn't one in Chattanooga {or Nashville for that matter} and I have been craving OTB. 

We drove all over Atlanta hauling a small trailer {that we brought to haul furniture home}. It was interesting going into crowded shopping areas and trying to find parking. Somehow we managed.

We got to OTB rather late, so we thought we would have fast service. We were seated immediately and then ignored by every server/person/manager in the restaurant for the next 10+ minutes. This was probably due to the fact that a huge party was seated next to us {20+ people for a b-day celebration}. 

I finally made eye contact with a manager and he came by and offered to get us drinks and I mentioned that we had been seated for a while and could he please send our waiter over. He immediately took our order. Then proceeded to bring us cheese dip on the house. The rest of the night, the server was fantastic {it was probably the fault of the guy who sat us, but someone should have acknowledged we were there AND it probably didn't help that we were both STARVING}.

Anyways, OTB ended up being great after such a slow start.

The rest of the weekend involved trips to REI, IKEA and Sam's Club. Daniel thought it was very "American" of us to drive two hours to a big city for the sole purpose of shopping {we don't generally shop a lot and the items we wanted were not in Chattanooga or Nashville}.

We had a great weekend. We did find some hole-in-the-wall places to eat {including an Italian place where we tried lasagna pizza and a Chinese restaurant}. We tried to go to the movies, but that was a bit of a flop.

Overall good weekend, good date.


  1. Sounds like a good date. A free hotel stay makes it even better.

  2. Glad you had a nice date even though it got off to a slow start.


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