Sunday, October 24, 2010

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Yesterday we went and helped my sister and brother-in-law move into their new home {in Nashville}. While at the storage unit, it was discovered that something organic had been packed up for the past 4 months. This organic matter had since rotted and turned to a putrid liquid form. It was enough to send Daniel, Robert, Mark and Angela running out of the storage unit. {I was lucky enough to miss out on smelling it}.

Angela tried to persuade Mark to take it to the dumpster. Unfortunately for her, our little brother is not so little any more and he said NO. Angela, being the nurse of the group, agreed to take the basket of unknown material to a dumpster. This involved me driving and Angela hanging out the window holding onto the container while we went across the street to a gas station. We also ended up throwing out a blanket and a few other things that had absorbed the rotten smell. Angela said that it smelled like "poop that had become rotten." That is pretty bad coming from a nurse who is also the mom of a toddler. That taken care of, we were able to finish loading all of their belongings. Daniel and I had to leave before all of the truck was unloaded, but they were close to being finished when we left. *Thank you to Daniel's mom for loading us up with treats for moving day – they were much appreciated.

Angela & Robert's living room, post move-in. Picture from my brother.

The reason we left early was that we had already made plans to meet our friends, The Reynold's, at Cracker Barrel {in Chattanooga} for dinner. Afterward they came back to our camper for "Smores with the Moores." I guess they had been talking about it all week and Sadie {age 4} had asked her mom "When are we going to the Smores house?" Courtney had to explain that they were going to the "Moores" for "Smores." Cute.

I would love to try this recipe for Smores Bars via Annie's Eats
Unfortunately Daniel couldn't get a big fire going, but it was a good smoldering fire for roasting marshmallows. The weather was perfect, but the sky was a bit overcast, so not a ton of stars for stargazing – maybe another time.

Friday night we had dinner with friends {Matt & Melissa and baby Zeke}. Matt was the best man in our wedding. It was fun catching up with old friends and seeing how big their 1.5-year-old baby is {we haven't seen them since he was first born}.

Thursday night we were able to meet up with Shannon {one of Daniel's college friends from TTU} for dinner at The Terminal {this seems to be our standing place to meet friends}. It was great catching up – too bad that we are moving soon.

We are really enjoying living closer to family and friends.

The closing for our house will be tomorrow {Monday} at 2pm. Our movers are coming Tuesday morning with all our belongings. It will be fun to unpack and go through all of our stuff. I have already forgotten what we must own {90% of it has been in storage since July}. *Thank you to Trine and Corey for letting us use your camper for the past three months!

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