Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Weekend of Eating Out

Tonight we ate at Mellow Mushroom in downtown Chattanooga. This was our first time at this location {we have been to the Asheville, Nashville and Charlotte locations}. For atmosphere, the Asheville location is hands down the best, but the food tastes great no matter where you are. We had the House Special and the crust was amazing – it is probably one of my favorite pizza crusts. 

Mellow Mushroom on Urbanspoon

Last night we went to Las Margaritas {Cummings Highway location}. This is our favorite local Mexican restaurant because 1) it is close to Raccoon Mountain; 2) they always have fast service and 3) they serve a mean chimichanga {I base all of my Mexican restaurants on the chimichangas}.

Las Margaritas on Urbanspoon

Friday night we met friends at The Terminal Brewhouse – it is on our Top 10 list for restaurants we like in Chattanooga.

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