Monday, October 18, 2010

Last Week in Pictures

Last week was pretty hectic. Here is a recap in pictures:

We went to Murfreesboro two Fridays ago to pick up our electric blanket and warmer clothes since fall had descended on us. Then we had several days of warm weather that made us question putting an electric blanket on our bed {we also had several nights we were thankful for the electric blanket}.

Saturday we headed back to our camper.

Sunday we went backpacking at Bob Bald in the Joyce-Kilmer Slickrock Wilderness area.

Monday we were back at the camper.

Tuesday I went to Nashville to babysit my niece while my sister and bro-in-law closed on their house.

Wednesday and Thursday, my brother and I spent the day painting at my sister and bro-in-laws new house.

Dining Room BEFORE

Dining Room AFTER

Kitchen BEFORE
For some reason I don't have an after, but we painted it all white with KILZ
View towards Living Room from Kitchen BEFORE

Living Room with Kilz primer in progress

 Living Room with primer almost complete

Thursday night I went back to our camper.

Friday, Daniel and I headed to Altanta to do some furniture shopping - we wanted to hit up IKEA and search for a dining room table. We also went to REI where I got a great deal on new Chacos as well as a book about training for Triathalons.

In the end, we bought a mirror for our new half bathroom from IKEA and a dining table, chairs and side board for our kitchen from Sams.

Sunday we came back to our camper and we plan on sitting tight for at least a week.
I think Sophie was pretty warn out from all of our traveling.

We close on our new house next Monday.

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