Monday, October 04, 2010

Did We Miss Fall?

Two weekends ago, when we were in Mboro/Nashville, Daniel asked me if we should get our coats and electric blanket out of storage. At the time it was still quite warm so I told him that I thought that we would be fine. He was smart and grabbed his polartec and on second thought I pulled a sweater out of our one box of winter clothes.

Boy was I wrong about the temps. The last two nights have been rather chilly in our camper. 

Last night we had the foresight to get our small space heater out {I'm glad that we had it stored at the camper} and I didn't feel quite so frozen. It seems like we went from an extra month of summer, to a few days of fall, to winter-like temps {at least at night}. I will be a much happier camper when we get our electric blanket out of storage.


  1. It was 45 degrees in Atlanta this morning when I left for work! I can't complain yet though, because the summer was just brutal. Cool temps are fine with me...for now. Hope you guys can stay warm in the camper!

  2. Daniel leaves for work at 6AM and I know he is thankful he grabbed his jacket. I am definitely glad for the cooler temps (I was just hoping the 60s and 70s would hold out a little longer)...

  3. We are staying comfy under our comforter!
    Love, Mom


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