Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goodbye Camper

Yesterday we officially said "Goodbye" to the camper. After 3 months of living in a tiny space {170 square feet to be exact}, we have moved on.

Trine and Corey came to pick the camper up yesterday afternoon – a big thank you to these guys for allowing us to borrow their camper. 

It was a little bitter sweet. Raccoon Mountain is a beautiful area. We enjoyed the scenery, eating outdoors, walking Sophie under the stars and just spending time together. After living in separate states for 4 months, the small camper was a great opportunity to be together again.

Living in a camper taught us that we don't need that much stuff to be happy.

On a slightly separate note, after saying goodbye to the camper, we ran some errands in Chattanooga and then went up to Signal Mountain to meet the Reynold's new baby. She came on the day of the tornado warnings {while we were contemplating "taking cover", they were under Code Black at the hospital – this is when all of the patient's beds are moved to the hallway!} Thankfully no tornadoes actually touched down and baby Reynolds had a safe delivery.

We feel very blessed to have the Reynolds as friend's – we could not have done the whole living in two states without them. Their baby is adorable. We each took a turn holding her. When we left, Daniel told me that she was a lot less fragile than he expected!

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