Friday, May 20, 2016

Jack's Second Year of Preschool: 3s Class with Mrs. Lisa & Mrs. Melinda

Jack had another great year at preschool. We have been so blessed to live where we live. People are friendly, there is a great sense of community, and we have been really pleased with the teachers at Jack's school. I didn't grow up living in the same town for my whole life, but I hope Jack and Isaac have the opportunity to have lasting friendships with the kids they are starting with now.

Jack's 3s Class

 First Day of School - he looks so little!

 Who am I?

Pajama Day! Jack was a little disappointed that we didn't have another Pajama Day the last week of school. There's always next year, little buddy!

Our Sensational Jack

 A fireman for Halloween

Celebrating turning 4 with the other little boys in class (their birthdays were all within a week of each other). Jack was the first in his class to turn 4 and he thought that he was supposed to go ahead and move up to the 4s class. Even though he is thrilled to FINALLY move up, he will miss his classmates and teachers.
 Red Day

 Excited to hold a rabbit at the Petting Zoo Day.

 Jack enjoyed meeting the firemen and learning about their job.

 Everyday I would ask Jack what his favorite thing about his day was 
and every day he would tell me "playing on the playground."

Learning about Johnny Appleseed

Valentine's Day

With his classmates

Jack's class performing the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den for chapel.

Easter Party at school, complete with an Easter Egg Hunt.

Every year the school has a spring program called "Happy" and 
each class sings and dances for the parents. It is super cute.

Every year the 3s classes perform a circus for the school.

Jack's class was the lion act.
The End of Year Party was a Water Bash. The kids 
had a great time, even if they did end up freezing!

It's so hard to believe that this guy is done with another year of preschool. We are so proud of him and can't wait to see what the coming years have in store!

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