Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Outside 365 | April 2016

Rain or shine, our family is getting outside. Not too long ago I read a post online about how children spend less time outside than prisoner inmates. It's a sobering thought. The following is the short film called "Free the Kids – Dirt is Good" and it reinforces the importance of getting outside – especially when it comes to our kids, though I believe everyone needs to regularly spend time outdoors.

In the last month, we spent a part of every day outside. Sometimes that meant getting wet. Some days, Jack came home muddy or with shoes full of mulch. We took our kids on hikes, and took time for ourselves as we participated in our first Triathlon. I hope we never get to a point where we don't spend time in nature.

A Look Back at Project Outside 365: January 2016 ⎮ February 2016 ⎮ March 2016

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