Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Outside 365 | May 2016

Summer break is officially here and we are going strong in our efforts to be outside. A friend recently asked if I planned to keep it up through the hot months of the summer, and the answer is: I hope so.

We were outside every day in the month of May. We picked strawberries, introduced Isaac to paddling, saw the end of T-Ball season, went camping, swam at the lake with friends, hiked, and enjoyed plain, old-fashioned fun at the park. 

Jack has made new friends, participated in pick-up baseball games in our neighborhood, helped Daniel wash our cars and do yard work, and had a fun Memorial Day weekend. The possibilities are endless.

At one of my very first jobs, I worked in the marketing department of an office supply vendor for the office supply box stores (Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) and the Vice President of the department was always wanting me to make the products (staplers, stamps, etc.) look "sexy." I would just roll my eyes, because really, office supplies are not inherently sexy. 

I have a point here – spending time outside doesn't have to be about epic activities. Sometimes we just need to embrace where we are at. Sometimes a stapler is just a stapler... Sure I would love to visit National Parks out west and check more high points off my list, but really I am just happy that my family is spending time in nature without a lot of distractions.

I recently read an article saying that people who spent time in nature are nicer than indoorsy people. I believe it. If I get stuck inside for too long, I find myself getting cranky. I need to feel the sunshine and breathe in some fresh air while getting my heart pumping. I also enjoy getting to chat with a friend on the playground while my kid plays. It definitely makes me a nicer person.

A Look Back at Project Outside 365: 
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