Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jack's Third Year of Preschool: 4s Class with Ms. Shelby & Ms. Sarah

Preschool is over. How can that be? Wasn't it just yesterday that I was dropping our floppy-haired boy off in Ms. Kathy's 2s class? Restraining tears and concerns about the days he would be away from me?

And now that season is complete. If I'm being honest, it takes my breath away.

First day of preschool (for the last time). Jack is starting the 4s class today. I'm so ready for school to start but drop off still made me a little sad. Isaac is yelling "Da" his word for Jack. I think he may miss him the most. #firstdayofschool #jackjack #lifewithapreschooler #mohaus2016

When Jack first started preschool, I worried that he wasn't learning enough. The things they were learning were things he already knew. I worried that it was a waste. But I was wrong.

We had fun at Jack's teddy bear parade and picnic at preschool today. #thankfulDanielcancometoschooleventsnow #jackjack #lifewithapreschooler #mohaus2016

Daniel and Jack at the Daddy's Night.

Friends convinced me to relax into this time. To allow him to learn new things through play, and to just enjoy being little. Maybe they weren't book things, but they were still important things.

I dropped off Spider-Man this morning at preschool. Loved seeing all of the littles dressed up for their Halloween parties! #lifewithapreschooler #jackjack #spidey #spiderman🕸 #mohaus2016

Over the last three years, my thinking has changed. Jack still learned a ton. Some from school, a lot from us. I gained confidence in what he was learning at home and felt a pull in a new direction as I realized that teaching him is something we do naturally, and will continue to do whether he is in a school environment or at home like we plan for kindergarten.

Today was the Thanksgiving Feast at Jack's preschool. #jackjack #lifewithapreschooler #mohaus2016

Fun field trip to the post office. We saw our mailman and he showed Jack where our mail gets sorted. #preschoolfieldtrip #postoffice #lifewithapreschooler #jackjack #mohaus2017

Preschool has served a great purpose for us. It gave me time to breathe through these early years of motherhood, it helped me ease into life with two kids, and it provided a place for Jack to make several really good friends.

It warms my heart to look back at photos from those early years and see what those friendships have turned into, even at the tender age of five. I look forward to watching these friendships blossom further.

A paper sewing craft, robot juice boxes and ice cream sundaes for Jack's Valentine's party at preschool. #lifewithapreschooler #preschoolvalentineparty #thankspinterest #jackjack #mohaus2017

Jack was so blessed by his year in Ms. Shelby and Ms. Sarah's class. He went in knowing all of his classmates, many had been in previous classes with him. He enjoyed the layed back approach of being there three times a week.

Jack was very excited to dress up like a policeman for his preschool's career day. He's been writing tickets left and right. #careerday #lifewithapreschooler #jackjack #mohaus2017

He will always say that his favorite thing about preschool was play bunch, but I know he especially loved the building centers, time spent with friends, and all of the special days that preschool provides.

Spring Music Program. Love these sweet kiddos! #lifewithapreschooler #jackjack #mohaus2017

The 4s Classes at Jack's preschool enjoyed several special experiences, as seen throughout this post. Including the Teddy Bear Picnic and Parade, Daddy's Night, a Halloween Party, birthday's celebrated at school, a Thanksgiving Feast, a Christmas party, a field trip to the Post Office, a Valentine's party, Easter party, Mommy's Night, a Spring Music Program, a special Chapel about Zaccheus, and finally their special Moving Up ceremony and end of year party.

All of this, and so much more, packed into one fantastic year.

Today is his last full day of preschool. I can't believe this phase is already coming to a close. Tomorrow is his moving up ceremony and class party. 😭😭😭#lifewithapreschooler #jackjack #mohaus2017

A glimpse at Jack's 2016-17 school year in the three-day 4-year-old's class with Ms. Shelby and Ms. Sarah.

And just like that. Three years is over. Preschool graduation is done. Jack has officially moved up. He's bigger, older, wiser. We are so proud of him and looking forward to the future, even if we are sad that this phase is already complete.

Adventurous, bright, industrious and independent. #jackjack #preschoolgraduation

I'm bigger now, take a look at me. I learned my colors and my ABCs. I'm wiser now, take a look at me... Kindergarten here I come! #jackjack #preschoolgraduation

A Look Back

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