Friday, November 03, 2017

Friend Friday: CDM

It's Friday, so you know we are spending time with friends. And if it is cold and rainy out (or too hot), you can often find us at one of our favorite kid places in downtown Chattanooga: the Creative Discovery Museum!

We have had a annual pass for the last four years and it is one of our favorite kid-friendly places.

Upstairs at the CDM is a space for revolving exhibits that change several times through the year. The current exhibit has to do with moving your body and the kids love it!

Jack and Isaac and their friends did their best surfing and snowboarding demos (actual board with a screen in front of you). They also had fun testing their strength on monkey bars, an indoor rock climb, and various exercise stations.

As we played we were drawn downstairs by the sound of music in the main hall. They were having an all out party with music and all of the kids had ribbons to dance with. My boys and my friend's girls got their groove on with all the other kids and had a blast.

We also checked out some of our other favorite spots in the museum: the river section, digging for dinosaur bones, and painting. We didn't make it to every spot in the museum this week, but that is ok, I'm sure we will be back soon!

Note about Isaac and paints: The painting lab was open during our visit so we popped in to paint and the assistants working in the lab were cracking up at Isaac. He was very meticulous about getting one paint jar out at a time and putting it up when he was done. They said they had never seen a two-year-old paint like that. I just said that was how we do it at home. I guess I'm training him right!

Check back on Fridays to see what we have been up to!

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