Saturday, July 14, 2007


Nice little rows of tree branches - they take up the entire length of our front yard.

Yesterday Daniel started the chore of cutting up the fallen tree in our back yard (he has Kevlar pants and a face shield to use when using the chain saw). Today we got up early and hauled it all out to the street and organized it in nice 3x3 foot piles so that the city will pick them up. This took most of the morning.

While we were taking care of this enormous task, our new neighbor from across the street came to introduce herself to us. She just graduated and is gettting ready to move in and a guy has already moved in. We are glad she let us know they were living there b/c we had seen a moving truck a couple of weeks ago but NO PEOPLE since then. We were beginning to think we were imagining the moving truck.

Also while we worked, a guy was sitting across the street in his SUV running for over 2 hours. Earlier in the day he had been parked in front of our house but moved across the street when we started working out there. He told us he was waiting for somebody. After 2 hours, he got out of his vehicle and told us that he was a private investigator checking up on someone about worker's comp. We were thankful that he explained what he was doing to us b/c we were feeling kind of weird that a stranger was just sitting in a running vehicle for no explained reason. He didn't ask any questions about any of our neighbors and we didnt press for more of an explanation.

Around 12:30, I hurriedly took a shower, wrapped a gift and then headed north of Charlotte for a baby shower for an old co-worker of mine. It was nice to get to see her again.

I am home now and we are getting ready to head to a BBQ reception for a co-worker of Daniel's who recently got married in St. Thomas. Should be a fun evening.

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