Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tea Parties, Dress Up & a Feather Boa

Who knew that dressing up and having a tea party as an adult could be fun? This afternoon I attended a "tea party" at church for the women's mentor group. I really wasn't sure that I would have fun, but I went anyways.

When I got there, there was a table covered with every type of hat that you could imagine, as well as a chest full of gaudy, over-the-top jewelry and feather boas. It was every little girl's dream (except maybe mine).

As soon as I came in, the older women informed me that I had to dress up. I found a floppy, khaki hat that I liked. Then the women told me that I needed more so I picked out a pretty shell necklace. Minimal and I still felt like me.

Then one of the elder's wives told me that I still did not have enough and handed me a red feather boa and a big, chunky, yellow fish necklace. We all looked pretty crazy.

We learned about where tea came from (first in China and then transported to England via the Portuguese and only for aristocrats originally). We had a traditional English tea and a chance to visit, followed by a devo. I was surprised to find myself enjoy the event (even though I had to wear a boa)...

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