Monday, July 16, 2007

When Pigs Fly

I recently discovered Flat Earth Chips at the grocery store. The packaging was cool so I bought a bag without really reading what it was. My husband was rummaging through the pantry one evening and picked up the bag of chips and read the label to me "Do you know that this says 1/2 serving of vegetables in each serving?" That I did not know.

These chips taste great and are basically healthy (after all they are still chips). Their marketing is based on the saying "when pigs fly." Meaning that the impossible has happened - servings of vegetables and fruits in chips that taste fantastic!

You can now get your children (or husbands) to eat vegetables by serving them chips! Check out their website and pick up some Flat Earth chips the next time you are in the grocery store - I would highly recommend the Garlic and Herb Field ones.

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