Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Warriors

I think we could qualify for a "Lifetime Weekend Warriors" award. This weekend we (meaning Daniel) ripped out the wall between the master bedroom and master bathroom in order to reframe it with 2x6 boards and insert a pocket door.

I did help. My jobs were to 1) take pictures of the process 2) be the gopher for all things that Daniel needed and 3) take measurements of the boards and cut them to size with the miter saw.

We have now gone from having a huge hole in the wall between rooms to a having a framed out wall with a fully functional pocket door. Horray for progress!

I also finished my last set of curtains for the house. Things are starting to look more like a home than a construction site which is good.

We are going to have to start calling our property the nature preserve. It is amazing that even though we live in the middle of a big bustling city we still have wild things all around us (and some not so wild things like the 4 neighborhood cats that think our property and porch belong to them). Anyways, we have lots of birds, lots of squirrels, a family of rabbits used to hang around until the cats showed up, a couple of chipmunks and tonight I noticed a racoon sitting on our chimney. It just sat there and stared at us for 5 minutes. We finally came inside and it was still sitting there. We are pretty sure we even spotted a fox wandering across the street one night - hello we are in a city!!! Anyways we enjoy having nature at our doorstep.

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