Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Tangible Nature of Books

I don't know that I will ever fully convert to replacing my tangible books with a computer screen or an ipod. There is something special about picking up a book and leafing through its pages, like it holds some secret that will only be unveiled as I read through it. 

I am currently reading the devotional book, The Ransomed Heart. Thomas Nelson publishers does an amazing job of designing their books. The well-designed cover and the layout of the interior of this particular book make me want to pick it up time and again. The best part of this book are its pages. The edges are jagged, like it is something old. The smell and feel of the paper are both things that I love. I know that not everyone is an avid reader, but there will always be something special to me about picking up a book, whether well worn or brand new.

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